Easy and creative uses for your photos

What to do with all your photos?

If you missed my blog post on this for my favourite ways, check it out here.

We all have so many photos these days. According to Gigaom, the average person has 630 photos stored on their phone.

I have a lot more than that.

While I love the idea of printing them all, it’s not space effective.  I’d need to buy a bigger house. It’s not like it used to be when your holiday photos were limited to the amount of film you had and there was no retakes back then. So we tend to take a LOT more photos now. But what do you do with them all?

Be honest, if you looked on your phone right now, how many photos do you have stored? How many of those have you used?

My favourite idea for children is doing a milestone album. Jack has a yearly family album to show him the best moments from the year. I love taking the time to go back through and picking my favourite to eternalise forever. It’s a great way to remind you how great a year has been and streamline the photos.

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Creative ways to use your photos

Protect your tech

From phone, tablet or laptop covers.


The kids love this one. Great for fun, charts, etc.

Wrapping paper and cards

Take the personalised gift to the next level.


Stick to a good old photo album. Whether it be printed or organised as the year goes on. Don’t have time. Add to it once a month. Slowly build it up as the year goes by and then enjoy.

Clothespin display

Luggage tags


A unique gift especially

Playing cards

Notebook Covers

Eat them- Print onto marshmallows and cakes


What better way to remember everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries than a photo calendar. This way you can’t forget them.



Not one I’ve personally tried.


Now-a-days you can print on almost everything. Socks, ties, t-shirts etc but don’t stop there. Duvets, cushions etc.

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